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Movie Trivia Fauxdown!

I love the Movie Trivia Schmoedown and watch it weekly! This game gets the feeling right, but the mechanics are holding it back. Too many repeat questions, too many misrecognized words There should be multiple versions of an answer, for example: the answer to what blinds Daredevil is “Toxic Waste,” chemical spill should also be an acceptable. Lastly, sudden-death almost always never works correctly. This game has glimmers of replicating the show for home experience, but it ultimately fails. Potential is there though!

Never ever works online

I bought this as soon as it came out, I thought they’d eventually work out the bugs, but it has never let me play against online opponents.

Pretty good

Some answers are wrong with spelling but other than that it’s fun for the single player. Can’t play with anyone online because I can never find an opponent.

Could be good but isn’t

Have to wait hours to match with someone and when you do they leave when you’re winning and you don’t get a win for it. The questions and feel is just like the show but if you can’t match it’s pointless

Needs Significant Improvement

You can get answers correct and it fails to count them. This app was fun for a few minutes, until it becomes frustrating that it won’t count answers frequently. For example: “How does Remmy control the chef in Ratatouille?” We answered: “Tugs on hair” and got it wrong when the correct answer was “Pulls on hair”. Also the final round didn’t accept several final answers that were correct and had been submitted. Also, this app would be better if the speaking feature worked. Please edit this app. We are big fans of Schmoedown and would like to play this game if it is fixed.

Great app!

This app is awesome! Really feels like you’re in the Schmoedown with kristian and Mark commentating and the questions are a lot of fun! Great work schmoes!

Great only one small issue with Sudden Death matches

If a match goes into sudden death, the AI is usually granted the victory even if I get the right answer. It’s annoying especially when you climb high up the ladder only to be out because of a bug. Edited: way too many answers are either too picky (what was Will Smith’s job in ID; pilot/military pilot/Marine Pilot. That’s just as correct as fighter pilot) or are actually wrong (GotG vol2 opened to Groot dancing to Mr Blue Sky). I don’t know who proofreads the questions but they should have their worked double checked.

Ok, hope for it getting better

I’m hoping they are working on adding a lot more questions. My husband and I have played this just a couple dozen times with friends and with each other. And we see a lot of repeat questions. Besides that it seems to work pretty well and has a good layout. The only other thing I’d like is for in the third round for you to be able to choose numbers like in the actual game.

Not a fan

Fun for a while than questions repeat

The Potential is there...

This app can be so fun at times, and unbearably frustrating at others. When you answer questions you know are right in sudden death, see the “correct” flash for a second before it goes to the “AND YOUR WINNER” screen, then see the other guy’s avatar show up; or when you only miss one of your second round questions which you selected multiple choice, but the pro you were up against still gets two points... there’s an issue. There are a lot of other little bugs too when it comes to autocorrecting answers and finding opponents/keeping opponents through full games, but when all is fixed, I’m sure this app will be awesome!

Online Not Working

I love the game but I can’t ever play online. It just keeps searching for someone but never finds them.

Fun as hell

Very addicting, still sad I lost the championship game 😲. Especially with the recent update game will run smoother!

Love the app but could use some improvements

I love the app, especially the innergeekdom. But I only gave the app 4 stars instead of 5, because anytime I’m playing in the innergeekdom and I hit opponents choose on the wheel I get stuck with the category of romance, which wasn’t even a category on the wheel in the first place. That needs to be fixed asap!

Great time, feels like the Schmoedown

Normal gameplay is good, however the online play needs a ton of work. In matches people that are familiar with the show know that if you have a perfect round in round one you get a bonus question but in this you do not. Even with some of the bugs I still love this app.

Fun but needs work

Opponents disconnect when they’re about to lose. Other person should gain a victory if that happens. I haven’t been able to gain any coins because every time I’m about to win a match the other person bails.

Needs work

I want to love this, because Im a daily Collider video addict and religiously watch every Schmoedown, but this app is quite frustrating. I answered a question about how the Millennium Falcon escaped the Star Destroyer in Empire Strikes Back with “garbage” and got it wrong, saying the correct answer was “trash”. Are you kidding me??? I realize there are limits to word recognition/context with an app like this, but COME ON. Thats only one of many examples of the context recognition being abysmal. Ive entered “3” as an answer, only to get it wrong and be told the correct answer is “THREE” (the word rather than the symbol). Ive also answered “White House” only to be told the correct answer is “THE White House”. These are BRUTALLY stupid and unforgivable. Nonsense like that has made me furious, which is NOT what a supposedly fun app should do. Additionally, the finding opponent/opponent found status box is very buggy and seems to lock up occasionally, and the rankings make no sense. Its a marginally fun beta release and Im glad to have it, but I hope a LOT of bug patches are coming soon.

Fun, challenging but could use some fixes.

Amazing questions, but sometimes it will mark an answer incorrect even though I put the same thing. For example, I put E.T. and the correct answer was E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Had that happen a few times with some answers. Also, hoping you add a Star Wars category to this app!

I love this app

I am loving this app. As an extreme lover of movies and a huge fan of the #Collider movie crew as well as #SchmoesKnow and all the other programming, this is the next best thing to actually being a guest on the show. I’ll recommend this to anyone who loves movies! 👍

Disappointing execution

Love the Schmoes, love Collider, but this app isn’t where it should be even for a launch app. Doesn’t keep track of versus record, online play gives you losses when your opponent quits even when you did not, and questions repeat a lot. This app has a ton of promise, but there are constant bugs I could list. I won’t regret my purchase if only it is in lieu of a patreon donation, but they really haven’t created a functional enough app to excuse so many of these bugs.

Love the schmoes. App needs some work.

I love watching the Movie Trivia Schmoedown on You Tube. The app however needs some fixes. As others have pointed out, waiting to be matched with an opponent in the online section seems to take forever. I have timed out numerous times while waiting to find opponent. It will say it has found one then it will switch back to finding opponent over again until it times out and you have to select the random opponent again. I have also found a lot of repeat questions but, I’m hoping new updates will add more questions eventually. Once the opponent thing is fixed I’m sure I’ll rate this higher.

Great fun - a few bugs

Hey! Love the game but 2 glitches need fixing. 1- I got an answer wrong because I put James instead of Jimmy Stuart 2- I spun “Spinners Choice” but never got to choose my category 3- If an opponent bails that should be a forfeit and automatic win for me - frustrating to get halfway in only to realize opponent left you high and dry

Big fan

It's fun. As a movie nerd I like the game show feel. I do hope some of the issues will be fixed in an update.


Only gripe is online play. People disconnect to avoid the L, if they ever connect in the first place. Outside of that, near perfect

Great start, long way to go.

Too many repeat questions, and the questions are extremely difficult. They aren’t this consistently hard in the actual show.

The BEST app I’ve ever played

I’ve never played a game with so much detail and care put into it. I feel like I’m actually on the Schmoedown.

Good When It Works

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying money for something that rarely works... The app froze on me and when I had to exit out of it, the game had given me a loss for something that wasn’t my fault (also getting losses for the other opponent quitting is infuriating)! Trying to get matched with an opponent is also frustrating and takes forever - the status goes from “finding an opponent” to “opponent found” and back to “finding an opponent” multiple times before not trying to do anything at all! Trying to get the wording right on some of the questions is also a little ridiculous, when asked for the decade in a question I put 1990 and because I didn’t put “1990s” I got it wrong. Another one had the answer of Dr. Strangelove and because I didn’t type out the entire title (which is impossible in the time allotted) I got the question wrong. I also haven’t been playing got very long and I get multiple repeat questions during every match. The app is beautifully designed, it’s a crying shame that it just doesn’t work. I’m super disappointed because I’m a huge fan of the show and have been waiting for a good movie trivia app for a long time now.... hopefully the kinks get worked out, but for now all $4 is going to buy you is utter frustration.

More bugs than a roach motel

So the player cannot win in sudden death even when they get the question right? If we are paying for the app, I really hope you guys are working to fix all the problems.

Fun Game

I really enjoy this game but it always seems to be a struggle to play other opponents online. It just always loads. I have great WiFi connection and great internet but for some reason some features just don’t work. Love the game itself though. A lot of fun!

Fun with flaws

Love the Schmoedown! This app is great, but needs a few things fixed. Some times the answers to some question inputed are marked wrong due to stupid stuff. Examples include inputing a numeral instead of spelling the number and the other way around. In the singles mode;I would get 4 steal questions, but the opponent would still get points. This should not be possible if I have steal opportunities on all four of their questions.

Don’t Waste Your Money

Can’t believe they charge for this crap. Repeats the same 20 questions over and over. People drop out when they’re about to lose so you get stuck with the loss. Good luck ever finding an online opponent who actually plays to the end. Game freezes and restarts matches randomly. But they’re working on it. This was obviously rushed out before any kind of testing.


I'm stunned this has a five star rating. I really want to love this app. I love the Schmoedown and play this game is like being in the schmoedown, to a point. First the good: the production value is top notch. The clips of Mark and Kristian, the music, the wheel, opponents staring you down, having to fast-forward through the rules explanation... it all feels so much like the schmoedown! And I commend Collider for putting out a pay once game rather than a pay-to-win free app. Also, the system they have for tapping in your answers and the app confirming them against a database is beautiful! I wish more trivia apps did that. But that's all the good I can say about it. Here are the problems: Once you sink a few hours into this app, you'll get to the point where you'll see a question you've never seen before about once per game. Which means this game becomes less about knowing trivia and more about memorizing its very limited set of questions and answers. It's still a game at that point, but it's less Jeopardy! and more Memory. The opponent matching system for league challenges is buggy as hell and it's impossible to earn a sizable amount of coins through that system, which means you have to shell out cash for Inner Geekdom access. IG seems cool at first (I get to play against Hector Navarro, my favorite YT movie guy!) but you don't get any new questions with inner geekdom... it's simply a filter that leaves out non-Geekdom categories. So you have a smaller set of questions and the geekdom questions just get older faster. There's a bug in Sudden Death matches where you can answer the correct answer and still lose. This bug is what prompted me to come write this. It's super disappointing to get to Sudden Death, know you're safe because you answer correctly, and see the end screen announcing Tom Dagnino as the winner, with "not Finstock" staring at you with those shark like sociopathic eyes. There are small bugs with some of the questions. You can answer James Stewart and be marked wrong because they were looking for Jimmy Stewart even though James Stewart must be in the database since your answers all come from the database. Also it irks me every time it asks for the "make" of John Wick's car and the correct answer is "Mustang." C'mon, guys. If this game had more questions and Inner Geekdom gave you even more questions instead of being just a filter, I'd give it 4 stars and recommend you purchase it. Five stars if all problems were addressed. But as is, it's a good tech demo and not worth paying for.

Needs improvement

Type the correct answer, game says it’s incorrect and then shows the exact same thing I typed as correct. “What item does Baron Mordo retrieve when Doctor Strange is mugged?” I type “a watch”. NOPE, SORRY, the correct answer was “His Watch”. Give me a break. Something similar has happened every game I’ve played. Needs a lot of work.


Love the app but don’t exactly understand the rankings. I’m 6-2 but the top 4 in the world league standings are 4-4,4-12,7-18,0-3. How exactly are these rankings working?

Let’s get ready to Schmoedown!

The app we’ve all been waiting for! This app not only looks amazing with the moving title cards before the match but it plays amazingly as well with a plethora of questions. Although you see repeat questions from time to time the more I play, new questions emerge and they are not easy. I had to buy the innergeekdom league cuz the single player was so hard to beat and even with that said it was worth it. If you’re a superhero nerd to die hard movie fan you’re gonna get your moneys worth out of this app. Can’t wait to see more updates and the future of this app!

Buggy but fun

There are some kinks to work out, sometimes you’ll get an answer right but the phrasing doesn’t match so you don’t get the point, sometimes you’ll only get one point in round 2 without going to multiple choice, the most infuriating is getting an answer right in sudden death and losing. But, all in all, I feel like I’m in the schmoedown!


This game is great and very addictive most have if you love movies

Disappointed a little

Don't get me wrong I love playing it however I made it all the way to the championship round in intergeekdom and it keeps shutting down the game. I'm 7-0 but when I push the start match button "poof" the app shuts down. First and only time this has happened to me.


I love this app and watch the show all the time. I’m at the end of my inner geekdom and I’m supposed to be fighting RMB, but it then says null null and when I hit start match it crashes. Try to continue tour and the same.

Addicting but...

When an Opponent cancels a match I shouldn’t get a loss in my stats. If I quit sure, but if not if they stop it. Not saying I should get the win either maybe a no decision stat?

Great app that exceeded my expectations

I love the show but was not sure if they could match the experience in an app. I am glad to say that they exceeded my expectations & feel like they did a great job with capturing the experience of the game. Obviously with a new app, there are some kinks that need to be worked out but I have full confidence it will be corrected in due time. Great job & thanks for an amazing app!

Could start a game

Maybe this is a bug but I couldn’t start a game because it is not able to get my location - so I could not finish creating a profile. So sad.

Good Game with Great Potential


Very tough.

4 games in getting repeat questions. Not dumbed down game. Very obscure questions. Just like show. Cannot get past first person though even with a decent game total. Have not been able to find anyone to verse when trying online.

Great but Needs work

Dear Christian, We love the show and loved playing along. We are so excited you made this app. We are a little disappointed with the performance of the app. We have tried several times to play versus and keep getting kicked off. Also we both answered ET and got it wrong because it was E.T. :-/ Hope you guys get the kinks worked out soon. PS congrats on your new baby.

Just like the actual show!!!

Love it!!!

Cosmetically great but..

I love the show. I love the personalities behind the show. I love the idea of an app game. It's so very broken though. I've played around 25 matches and only been able to complete about 5. People drop out or get disconnected easily. I seem to get loses added on to my stats but not victories if someone else quits. It takes forever to load into a match. I'm already getting dozens of repeat questions. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting several minutes to get into a match, accrue a large lead, someone quits leaving you no sense of accomplishment and nothing to show for your time BUT if the app crashes on me I get a defeat. Definitely should've been a free app until the kinks are worked out.

Almost there

The game is pretty fun, the online play needs some refinement. The writing analysis part is flawed, but once you know how to work with it it can actually be an advantage. It gets the feel of the Schmoedown pretty perfect and I will be playing it for a long time, even with my poor score.

A Dream Come True

We finally get to play in the Schmoedown. What more could you want?

Must have

This app is great! If you like movies and don't have this thing, you're missing out on something special

Fun while losing.

It's fun, some kinks still need to be worked out. Unless it's just me who keeps playing the same person online every time I start a match, has the game occasionally force close causing me to lose matches, get stuck "waiting for opponent" while I can see the opponent view not moving, and being ranked between champion and top 3 with an abysmal record.

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